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On the vertical distribution of spider community in Mt. Hallasan, Island Chejudo, Korea

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1987
Authors:J. P. Kim, Namkung, J., Jun, J. R.
Journal:Korean Arachnology
Date Published:1987
ISBN Number:1011-2014
Keywords:/ Vertical distribution of island community] [South Korea / / Chejudo, Araneae (Arachnida)., Araneae [Community / / island mountain] [Vertical distribution / /, Asia, Distribution within habitat, Ecology, Eurasia, Habitat, Island, island] [Island habitat / / ] [Mountain habitat /, Land, Mount Hallasan, Mountain community, Palaearctic region, Terrestrial habitat, Vertical distribution of community]., zones

Mt. Hallasan is well known as the highest mountain in South Korea and speciality of geographic condition and climate, a diversity in plants and animals there were found. According to these factors, this area could be ideal for intensive studies of community ecology and vertical distribution by the altitude. On this, authors have investigated on the spiders of this area during the period from July 1984 to September 1985 to select 6 sites in a same direction by the altitude (A site of 800m above sea-level, nearby Tem. Chonwangsa; B site of 1,000m above sea-level, Orimok; C site of 1,200m above sea-level, middle of Sajebitongsan; D site of 1,400m above sea-level, top of Sajebitongsan; E site of 1,600m above sea-level, Mansetongsan, T site of 1,950m above sea-level, Paengnoktam). A total of 2,229 individuals of 100 species belonging to 66 genera of 17 families were collected in this area. Among these species, the dominant species were Coelotes quadrativulvus (43.5%), Pardosa lugubris (7.2%) and Neoantistea quelpartensis (6.2%). Vertical distribution of species by the altitude was the most abundant in B site composed of 735 individuals of 73 species belonging to 54 genera of 16 families. Coelotes quadrativulvus in A, B, C, D, E site and Pardosa palustris in T site were the dominant species respectively. As a whole, surface and subterranean species, Agelenidae, collected equally without reference to the altitude and hunting spider, Lycosidae, collected in abundance in the above 1,400m altitude. Species diversity (H') reached its peak in the B site and Evenness(J') had little differences except B site where this index (0.268) was highest.

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR12500020994
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