Agelenids of the World

Systematics and Taxonomy of Agelenidae, a Worldwide distributed Spider Family

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Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1903
Journal:Hist Araign
Date Published:1903
Keywords:(Liphistiidae), p. 875, Anadiastothele thorelli, Sumatra, p. 875, n., (proeocc. Coleoptera, 1889), p. 1045]., 1007, n. sp., [Sp nov]]., 1014]., 1025, n. sp., [Sp nov]]., 669-871, 890]., 926]., 928, n. sp., [Sp nov]]., 929]., 930, n. sp., [Sp nov]]., 952]., Agelenidae (Araneae)., Agelenidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Amazons, p. 942, n. sp., [Sp nov]]., Anadiastothele (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., Anadiastothele, and supplementary notes, Araneoe, are named below and the new genera and spp. quoted. Table of, Argiopidae Argiopinoe), p. 1006, Pseudartonis occidentalis, Cameroon, p., Argyopidae (Araneae)., Argyopidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Atypidae (Araneae)., Atypidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, Available name, Aviculariidae (Araneae)., Aviculariidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe) p. 928, Scopelobates sericeus, Haiti, p., Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe) type, Cyriocosmus sellatus, E. Sim., p., Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe), p. 927, Nesiergus insulanus, Seychelles,, Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe), p. 929, Hapalotremus albipes, Bolivia, p., Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe), p. 930, Hapalopinus cubanus, Cuba, p. 930,, Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe), p. 942, Trasyphoberus parvitarsis,, Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe), type, Hemiercus inflatus, E. Sim., p., Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe), type, Hemirrhagus cervinus, E. Sim., p., Aviculariidae Aviculariinoe), type, Loxoptygus ectypus, E. Sim., p., Aviculariidae Ctenizinoe), type, Pachyidiops crassus, E. Sim., p. 890]., Aviculariidae Ctenizinoe), type, Titanidiops compactus, Gerstacker, p., Biology, Bizone (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Myrmarachneoe, of, Salt., Bythocrotus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Bythocroteoe, of,, Bythocrotus cephalotes - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Canama (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Cytoeeoe, of, Salt., Canama forceps - Doleschall (Araneae): [Systematics]., classification of, Clubionidae (Araneae)., Clubionidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, Clubionidae Sparassinoe) p. 1025, Megaloremmius leo, Madagascar, p., Clubionidae Sparassinoe) type, Tibellomma chazalioe, E. Sim., p. 1030]., completed, Compsodecta (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Pensacoleoe, of,, Compsodecta grisea - G. & E. Peck. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Cyriocosmus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Ischnocoleoe, Cyriocosmus sellatus - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Dictynidae (Araneae)., Dictynidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Drassidae, Drassidae (Araneae)., Dyrines (Araneae): [Nom nov, [n. nom. ?], for, Drances, E. Sim.,, Dysderidioe, Dysderidioe (Arachnida)., Empanda (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Moevieoe, of, Salt., Empanda ornata - G. & E. Peck. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Eresidae (Araneae)., Eresidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Eusparassus (Araneae): [Nom nov, n. nom., for, Sparassus, E. Sim., =, Filistatidae (Araneae)., Filistatidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, fissidentali), type, Empanda ornata, G. & E. Peck., p. 850]., fissidentati), type, Canama forceps, Doleschall, p. 817]., fissidentati), type, Hermotimus coriaceus, E. Sim., p. 762]., fissidentati), type, Ligurra latidens, Doleschall, p. 842]., fissidentati), type, Longarenus brachycephalus, E. Sim., p. 798]., fissidentati), type, Pselcis latefasciata, E. Sim., p. 825]., groups, Hapalopinus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Ischnocoleoe, of,, Hapalopinus cubanus, Hapalopinus cubanus (Araneae)., Hapalotremus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Ischnocoleoe, of,, Hapalotremus albipes, Hapalotremus albipes (Araneae)., Hemiercus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Ischnocoleoe, of,, Hemiercus inflatus - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Hemirrhagus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Ischnocoleoe, of,, Hemirrhagus cervinus - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Hermotimus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Hermotimeoe, of, Salt., Hermotimus coriaceus - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Hypochilidae (Araneae)., Hypochilidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, insulanus, Karsch, p. 951]., Lepidemathis (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Emathideoe, of,, Lepidemathis sericea - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Leptonetidae (Araneae)., Leptonetidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, Ligurra (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Simoetheoe, of, Salt., Ligurra latidens - Doleschall (Araneae): [Systematics]., Liphistiidae (Araneae)., Liphistiidae [Zoology / / notes, Longarenus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Hasarieoe, of, Salt., Longarenus brachycephalus - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Loxoptygus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Phoneyuseoe, of,, Loxoptygus conturnatus (Araneae)., Loxoptygus conturnatus [Zoology / / Galla country, Loxoptygus ectypus - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Lycosidae (Araneae)., Lycosidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, many text-figg]., Megaloremmius (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Deleneoe, of,, Megaloremmius leo, Megaloremmius leo (Araneae)., Myostola (Araneae): [Nom nov, n. nom., for, Pelinobius, E. Sim. non, n. sp., [Sp nov]]., n. sp]., Neozimiris (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (Prodidomidae) p. 984]., Nesiergus, Nesiergus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Ischnocoleoe, of,, Nesiergus insulanus (Araneae)., New taxa, Nomenclature, notes on characters and synonymy &c, on other families with new grouping of many genera, on p. 1056]., Oonopidae (Araneae)., Oonopidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, Oxyopidae (Araneae)., Oxyopidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, p. 1008]., p. 1019]., p. 1039]., p. 1044]., p. 1046]., p. 1047]., p. 1048]., p. 873]., p. 928, n. sp., [Sp nov]]., p. 952, p. 972]., p. 973]., p. 974]., p. 975]., p. 978]., p. 980]., p. 981]., p. 982]., p. 983]., p. 984]., p. 986]., p. 987]., p. 988]., p. 993]., Pachyidiops (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Idiopeoe, of,, Palpelius (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Plexippeoe, of, Salt., Palpelius beccarii - Thor. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Palpimanidae (Araneae)., Palpimanidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Pelinobius - E. Sim. non Karsch (Araneae): [Systematics]., Penionomus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Plexippeoe, of, Salt., Penionomus longipalpis - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Pholcidae, Pholcidae (Araneae)., Pisauridae (Araneae)., Pisauridae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, Platoridae (Arachnida)., Platoridae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Platypyresthesis (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Dioeeoe, of,, Platypyresthesis cribrata - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., pluridentati), p. 1051, Bizone longi ventris, Madagascar, p. 1051, n., pp., pp. 1048-1055, pp. 875-972]., Prodidomids (Arachnida)., Prodidomids [Zoology / / supplementary notes, Psechridae (Araneae)., Psechridae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Pselcis (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Laufeieoe, of, Salt., Pselcis latefasciata - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Pseudartonis (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Pseudartoneoe, in,, Pseudartonis occidentalis, Pseudartonis occidentalis (Araneae)., revised keys to many, Salt. fissidentati), type, Lepidemathis sericea, E. Sim., p. 810]., Salt. unidentati), type, Bythocrotus cephalotes, E. Sim., p. 673]., Salt. unidentati), type, Compsodecta grisea, G. & E. Peck., p. 678]., Salticidae (Araneae)., Salticidae [Zoology / / Revision of, Salticidoe (=Attidoe) (Araneae)., Salticidoe (=Attidoe) [Zoology / / Revision of genera completed, Scopelobates (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Ischnocoleoe, of,, Scopelobates sericeus, Scopelobates sericeus (Araneae)., Senoculidae (Arachnida)., Senoculidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Sicariidae (Araneae)., Sicariidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, sp., [Sp nov]]., Sparassus - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Sparassus - Walck. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Sparassus, Walck., part, p. 1025]., spectrum, supplement, Systematics, The families referred to, Theridiidae (Araneae)., Theridiidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Thianitara, Thianitara (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Thianieoe, of, Salt., Thianitara spectrum (Araneae)., Thomisidae (Araneae)., Thomisidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Thomisidae Misumeninoe), type, Platypyresthesis cribrata, E. Sim., p., Tibellomma (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Tibellomateoe, of,, Tibellomma chazalioe - E. Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Titanidiops (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Idiopeoe, of,, Titanidiops compactus - Gerstacker (Araneae): [Systematics]., Trasyphoberus (Araneae): [Gen nov, n. g., (in group, Theraphoseoe, of,, Trasyphoberus parvitarsis (Araneae)., Trasyphoberus parvitarsis [Zoology / / ]., Uloboridae (Araneae)., Uloboridae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, unidentati), p. 1054, Thianitara spectrum, Sumatra, p. 1054]., unidentati), type, Palpelius beccarii, Thor., p. 735]., unidentati), type, Penionomus longipalpis, E. Sim., p. 734]., Urocteidae (Araneae)., Urocteidae [Zoology / / Supplementary notes, Zodariidae (Araneae)., Zodariidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes, Zoropsidae (Araneae)., Zoropsidae [Zoology / / supplementary notes
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