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Systematics and Taxonomy of Agelenidae, a Worldwide distributed Spider Family

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Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1879
Authors:E. Simon
Journal:Arachn de France
Date Published:1879
Keywords:[Sp nov]]., 278, fig. 8, Corsica, and, Micariosoma tibiale, p. 280, N. Spain, spp., 280]., Agelenidae (Araneae)., Agelenidae [Zoology / / Bears considerable resemblance (particularly as, Agroeca annulipes (Araneae)., Agroeca annulipes [Zoology / / p. 304, Agroeca lineata, Agroeca lineata (Araneae)., albicans, Algiers, also,, and, and Corsica, and Spain, antiope, Anyphoena albo-irrorata (Araneae)., Anyphoena albo-irrorata [Zoology / / p. 269, Anyphoena conspersa, at 2000-3000 metres, at elevation of 2600, auspex, Basses Alpes, Biology, C. difficilis (Araneae)., C. difficilis [Zoology / / p. 110, candidum, Chiracanthium, Chiracanthium abbreviatum, Chiracanthium abbreviatum (Araneae)., Chiracanthium angulitarse (Araneae)., Chiracanthium angulitarse [Zoology / / p. 252, Chiracanthium candidum, Chiracanthium candidum (Araneae)., Chiracanthium fulvo-testaceum, Chiracanthium fulvotestaceum, Chiracanthium fulvotestaceum (Araneae)., Chiracanthium pennatum, Chiracanthium pennatum (Araneae)., Chiracanthium striolatum (Araneae)., circumspecta, Clubiona diniensis, Clubiona diniensis (Araneae)., Clubiona hilaris (Araneae)., Clubiona hilaris [Zoology / / p. 220, Clubiona juvenis, Clubiona juvenis (Araneae)., Clubiona stigmatica, Clubiona stigmatica (Araneae)., concertor, Corsica, Corsica]., Cybeodes (Araneae): [Gen nov]., Cybeodes testaceus, Cybeodes testaceus (Araneae): [Sp nov]., Cyprus, differing, Digne, Digne and Algeria, dimidiatus, Dolomedes ocreata - C. L. Koch (Araneae): [Systematics]., Drassus, Drassus (Araneae)., Drassus braccatus - L. Koch (Araneae): [Systematics]., Drassus bulbifer - Cambr. (Araneae): [Systematics, = Drassus braccatus,, E. Pyrenees, E. Pyrenees and mountains, Eastern Pyrenees and Spain, Echemus (Araneae): [Gen nov]., Echemus ambiguus, Echemus ambiguus (Araneae): [Sp nov]., elevation, fig. 10, fig. 11, fig. 12, fig. 13, fig. 14, fig. 15, fig. 16, fig. 18, fig. 20, fig. 21, fig. 22, fig. 23, fig. 24, fig. 25, fig. 26, fig. 28, fig. 31, fig. 6, fig. 7, fig. 8, fig. 9, for, fortuita, France, France and Algeria, France and Corsica, France and Spain, France]., fugax, fulvastra, funerea, Gers, Gironde, Gnaphosa, Gnaphosa alacris, Gnaphosa alacris (Araneae)., Gnaphosa alpica, Gnaphosa alpica (Araneae)., Gnaphosa atramentaria (Araneae)., Gnaphosa atramentaria [Zoology / / p. 169, Gnaphosa hospitalis, Gnaphosa hospitalis (Araneae)., Gnaphosa iberica, Gnaphosa iberica (Araneae)., Gnaphosa inconspecta, Gnaphosa inconspecta (Araneae)., Gnaphosa occidentalis, Gnaphosa occidentalis (Araneae)., Gnaphosa oceanica, Gnaphosa oceanica (Araneae)., Gnaphosa prosperi, Gnaphosa prosperi (Araneae)., Gnaphosa secreta, Gnaphosa secreta (Araneae)., Gnaphosa tetrica, Gnaphosa tetrica (Araneae)., Gnaphosa tigrina, Gnaphosa tigrina (Araneae)., Gt. St. Bernard, Hautes Alpes, holosericea, hospitalis, Hyeres, hypocrita, in N. Spain, L. Koch, p. 136]., larger. Type, Dolomedes ocreata, C. L. Koch, also, Zora media, sp. n.,, Lectoure, Liocranum, Liocranum concolor (Araneae)., Liocranum concolor [Zoology / / p. 292, Liocranum segmentatum, Liocranum segmentatum (Araneae)., Lot-et-Garonne, Lot-et-Garonne and, luteo-micans, metres, Micaria, Micaria breviuscula, Micaria corvina, Micaria guttigera, Micaria movens, Micaria scabra, Micaria scenica, Micaria smaragdula, Micaria spinulosa (Araneae)., Micaria spinulosa [Zoology / / Verzeichniss, Micaria todilla, Micariosoma (Araneae): [Gen nov, g. n., p. 271, Substituted for,, Micariosoma corsicum, Micariosoma corsicum (Araneae)., Micariosoma nigrinum, Micariosoma nigrinum (Araneae)., Micariosoma nigrinum, p. 276, fig. 4, France, Micariosoma corsicum, p., Micariosoma tibiale, Micariosoma tibiale (Araneae)., Miltia - Sim. (Araneae): [Systematics, referred to the, Drassidae, p., Monetier de BrianYon, Mont Leberon and, Morbihan, Mouths of the Rhone, musculus, New taxa, nn., [Sp nov]]., Nomenclature, notably in the position of the eyes. For, Nurnberg, oceanica, Oran, p. 112, p. 114, p. 115, p. 116, p. 120, p. 123, p. 128, p. 129, p. 13, p. 132, p. 14, p. 142, p. 150, p. 152, p. 153, p. 154, p. 156, p. 17, p. 170, p. 175, p. 176, p. 177, p. 179, p. 18, p. 180, p. 183, p. 186, p. 187, p. 19, p. 190, p. 191, p. 206, p. 22, p. 227, p. 23, p. 236, p. 238, p. 25, p. 257, p. 258, p. 259, p. 26, p. 262, p. 263, p. 270, p. 28, p. 293, p. 308, p. 320, p. 322, p. 323, p. 328, pl. xvi. fig. 12, France, Spain, and Italy., [Sp nov]]., p. 47, p. 49, p. 59, p. 61, p. 64, p. 72, p. 73, p. 76, p. 79, p. 80, p. 81, p. 86, p. 88, p. 89, p. 90, p. 91, p. 92, p. 94, p. 95, p. 97, Paris, patricius, Phrurolithus - C. L. Koch (Araneae): [Systematics]., Phrurolithus festivus - C. L. Koch (Araneae): [Systematics]., Phrurolithus festivus, C. L. Koch, p. 275, pl. xvi. fig. 6, and,, Phrurolithus flavitarsis - Luc. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Phrurolithus minimus - C. L. Koch (Araneae): [Systematics]., Phrurolithus minimus, C. L. Koch, p. 277, pl. xvi. fig. 7, Phrurolithus, C. L. Koch, for, Phrurolithus flavitarsis, Luc., p. 273,, pl. xv., pl. xv. fig. 5, pl. xv. fig. 6, pl. xvi, pl. xvi. fig. 22, pl. xvi. fig. 24, pl. xvi. fig. 3, pl. xvi. fig. 9, Plouharnel, Poecilochroa picta (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 160, France and, politus, portator, Prosthesima, Prosthesima (Araneae)., Prosthesima [Zoology / / Intermediate between, Prosthesima antiope, Prosthesima antiope (Araneae)., Prosthesima atro-coerulea, Prosthesima atro-coerulea (Araneae)., Prosthesima callida, Prosthesima callida (Araneae)., Prosthesima circumspecta, Prosthesima circumspecta (Araneae)., Prosthesima civica, Prosthesima civica (Araneae)., Prosthesima fortuita, Prosthesima fortuita (Araneae)., Prosthesima fulvastra, Prosthesima fulvastra (Araneae)., Prosthesima fulvo-pilosa, Prosthesima fulvo-pilosa (Araneae)., Prosthesima fusco-micans, Prosthesima fusco-micans (Araneae)., Prosthesima fusco-rufa, Prosthesima fusco-rufa (Araneae)., Prosthesima fusco-testacea, Prosthesima fusco-testacea (Araneae)., Prosthesima holosericea (Araneae)., Prosthesima larifuga, Prosthesima larifuga (Araneae)., Prosthesima mania, Prosthesima mania (Araneae)., Prosthesima mutabilis (Araneae)., Prosthesima mutabilis [Zoology / / p. 46, Prosthesima oenea, Prosthesima oenea (Araneae)., Prosthesima rubicundula, Prosthesima rubicundula (Araneae)., Prosthesima segrex, Prosthesima segrex (Araneae)., Prosthesima sicula, Prosthesima sicula (Araneae)., Prosthesima suavis, Prosthesima suavis (Araneae)., Prosthesima tantula, Prosthesima tantula (Araneae)., Prosthesima tarsalis, Prosthesima tarsalis (Araneae)., Pyrenees, Pyrenees and Corsica, retusus, Riffelberg, rubidus, S. France ?, secreta, segmentatum, segrex, Sicily, Sos, sp. n, Spain, Spain and Eastern Pyrenees, spp. nn]., striolatum, Syria, Systematics, Tangier, Tephlea (Araneae): [Gen nov]., tetrica, to the spinners) to the, Trachelas (Araneae)., Trachelas [Zoology / / Near, Trachelas agelenoides, Trachelas agelenoides (Araneae): [Sp nov]., Trachelas rayi (Araneae)., Trachelas rayi [Zoology / / p. 284, typhon, Valais, Vallee de la Bleone, Valois, variosus, various French localities and Spain, various localities in France, Vernet-les-bains, vicarius, Villers-sur-mer, Zermatt, Zora, Zora (Araneae)., Zora armillata, Zora armillata (Araneae)., Zora manicata (Araneae)., Zora manicata [Zoology / / p. 318, Zora media (Araneae): [Sp nov]., Zora parallela, Zora parallela (Araneae)., Zora pardalis, Zora pardalis (Araneae)., Zora pardalis [Zoology / / ]., Zoropsis (Araneae): [Gen nov, g. n., p. 327, Allied to, Zora, but much
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