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Spiders feeding on earthworms

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:M. Nyffeler, Moor, H., Foelix, R. F.
Journal:Journal of Arachnology
Date Published:2001
ISBN Number:0161-8202
Keywords:[Switzerland / Herznach / Annelid prey record & observation]., Araneae (Arachnida): [Predator]., Araneae [Annelid prey / Megadrili / Records, Diet, Ecology, Eurasia, Europe, Land zones, literature review]., Megadrili (Oligochaeta): [Prey]., Megadrili [Arachnid predators / Araneae / Records, new observation &, Nutrition, Palaearctic, Predators, Prey, region, Tegenaria atrica (Araneae): [Predator]., Tegenaria atrica [Annelid prey / Megadrili / Record & observation]

A house spider (Tegenaria atrica C.L. Koch 1843, Agelenidae) was observed, filmed and photographed while feeding on an earthworm. An extensive search in the literature revealed that several arachnologists had noted spiders feeding on earthworms, altogether in 11 different families. Earthworm-eating spiders belong mostly to larger sized species dwelling near the ground in woodlands and grasslands. Since earthworms have a high protein content, they could be a welcome supplement to the spider's usual insect diet.

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR13700037281
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