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Systematics and Taxonomy of Agelenidae, a Worldwide distributed Spider Family

Spiders (Araneae) from Sandanski-Petrich Valley (SW Bulgaria)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:C. Deltshev
Journal:Mitteilungen aus dem Museum fuer Naturkunde in Berlin Zoologische Reihe
Date Published:2004
ISBN Number:1435-1935
Keywords:[Bulgaria / Sandanski-Petrich Valley / Faunal composition, / / New record]., Agroeca inopina, Agroeca inopina (Araneae): [New record]., Araneae (Arachnida): [New record]., Araneae [Species diversity / / ] [Zoogeography / / Faunal notes], Community structure, Ecology, Eurasia, Europe, Euryopis quinqueguttata, Euryopis quinqueguttata (Araneae): [New record]., Land zones, new records, Palaearctic region, Systematics, taxonomic & zoogeographical notes & annotated species list]., Trichoncoides piscator, Trichoncoides piscator (Araneae): [New record]., Troxochrus cirrifrons, Troxochrus cirrifrons (Araneae): [New record]., Xysticus tenebrosus, Xysticus tenebrosus (Araneae): [New record]., Zodarion frenatum (Araneae): [New record]., Zodarion frenatum [Bulgaria, Zoogeography

Ninety-four species (Dysderidae 3, Uloboridae 1, Theridiidae 9, Linyphiidae 15, Tetragnathidae 1, Araneidae 1, Lycosidae 14, Pisauridae 1, Oxyopidae 2, Agelenidae 5, Hahnidae 1, Dictynidae 1, Titanoecidae 2, Liocranidae 4, Clubionidae 2, Zodariidae 3, Gnaphosidae 18, Philodromidae 3, Thomisidae 4, Salticidae 4) are established from 7 sites (80-200 m) in the Sandansko-Petrichka Valley, Southwestern Bulgaria. 64 species are new for the spider fauna of Sandanski-Petrich valley and 6 of these are also new for Bulgaria. Taxonomic notes and illustrations for the species Drassodes lutescens (C. L. Koch, 1839), Haplodrassus minor (O. P.-Cambridge, 1879) and Zelotes tenuis (L. Koch, 1866) are presented. According to their current distribution the spiders are split into 23 zoogeographical chorotypes combined into 5 chorological complexes.

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