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Spiders (Arachnida: Aranei) of Azerbaijan. 5. Faunistic review of the funnel-web spiders (Agelenidae) with the description of new genus and species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:E. F. Guseinov, Marusik, Y. M., Koponen, S.
Journal:Arthropoda Selecta
Date Published:2005
ISBN Number:0136-006X
Keywords:Agelenidae, Aranei, Azerbaijan, Caucasus, funnel spiders, new combination, new genus, new records, new species

<p>One new genus Azerithonica gen. n. and 14 new species from Azerbaijan are described: Agelescape caucasica sp. n. ([female]), A. dunini sp.n. ([male] [female]), A. levyi sp. n. ([male]), A. talyshica sp.n. ([female]), Azerithonica hyrcanica sp.n. ([male] [female], generotype), Malthonica lehtini sp. n. ([male]), M. lenkoranica sp. n. ([male] [female]), M. nakhchivanica sp. n. ([male] [female]), M. pseudolyncea sp. n. ([male] [female]), T. halidi sp. n. Tegenaria adomestica sp. n. ([male] [female]), T. ismaillensis sp. n. ([female]), T. halidi sp. n. ([male] [female] ), T. talyshica sp.n. ([female]) and T. zagatalensis sp.n. (S). The following new combinations have been established: Malthonica aliquoi (Brignoli, 1971) comb. n., M. anchela (Brignoli, 1972) comb. n., M. nulata (Kulczynski, 1912) comb. n., M. argaeica (Nosek, 1905) comb. n., M. campestris (C. L. Koch, 1834) comb. n., M. dalmatica (Kulczynski, 1906) comb. n., M. eleonorae (Brignoli, 1974) comb. n., M. epacris (Levy, 1996) comb. n., M. ferruginea (Pal 1804) comb. n., M. lyncea (Brignoli, 1978) comb. n. M. maronita (Simon, 1873) comb. n., M. mediterranea (Levy, 1996) comb. n., M. montana (Deltshev, 1993) comb. n., M. nemorosa (Simon, 1916) comb. n. M. pagana (C. L. Koch, 1840) comb. n., M. parvula (Thorell, 1875) comb. n., M. pasquinii (Brignoli, 1971), comb .n., M. pitta (Simon, 1870) comb. n., M. rilaensis (Deltshev, 1993) comb. n., M. sbordonii (Brignoli, 1971) comb. n., M. silvestris (L. Koch, 1872) comb n., M. soriculata (Simon, 1873) comb. n., M. tyrrhenica (Dalmas, 1922) comb. n., M. vallei (Brignoli, 1972) comb. n., M. vomeroi (Brignoli, 1977) comb. n., all ex Tegenaria. One species, Malthonica lyncea, is reported for the first time for the fauna of the former Soviet Union. In addition to new species three other species are illustrated: Agelena labyrinthica (Clerck, 1757) ([male] ), Malthonica lyncea (Brignoli, 1978) ([male] [female]), Tegenaria domestica (Clerck, 1757) ([male] [female]). Revised fauna of Azerbaijan encompass 19 species from 5 genera.</p>

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