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Sheet-web construction by Melpomene sp. (Araneae: Agelenidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:A. Rojas
Journal:Journal of Arachnology
Date Published:2011
ISBN Number:0161-8202
Keywords:America, Animal constructions, Central, Ecology, Jose / ]., Land zones, Melpomene (Araneae)., Melpomene [Webs / Sheet web construction behaviour / ] [Costa Rica / San, Neotropical region

Sheet-webs are built by a variety of unrelated spiders. Some of these spiders are common, but information on their web construction behavior is scarce. This study describes the sheet-web construction behavior of Melpomene sp. (Agelenidae) and the sites where webs are built. I recorded the beginning of sheet-web construction by several spiders and analyzed photographs of webs in the field and the laboratory. Web construction consisted basically of two alternating behaviors: laying support threads and the filling in the sheet. These behaviors were repeated during several construction sessions until the available area was filled, or until the web reached approximately 80 cm2. Apparently the spider uses both ampullate and aciniform lines for web construction, contrary to a recent description.

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR14710073585
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