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Redescription of Alloclubionoides paikwunensis (Kim and Jung, 1993) and a new spider species Alloclubionoides solea sp. nov. from Korea (Araneae: Agelenidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:B. - W. Kim, Kim J. - P.
Journal:Journal of Natural History
Pagination:2387 - 2400
Date Published:Jan-10-2012

<p>The identity of Alloclubionoides paikwunensis (Kim and Jung, 1993) is clarified by examination of type specimen and the female of the species is redescribed with additional collections and illustrated. Alloclubionoides solea sp. nov. from the Dadohaehaesang Marine National Park, southern Korea is described with detailed illustrations, leg spination, trichobothrium patterns and scanning electron micrographs. The new species can be distinguished from other Alloclubionoides spiders by the male palpal organs, which feature an embolus with a crescent-shaped distal part surrounded by a large conductor, and by the female genitalia, which feature a large genital opening situated in the side of atrium and broadly spiral copulatory ducts. Furthermore, Coelotes samaksanensis Namkung, 2001 is found to be a junior synonym of A. paikwunensis.</p>

Short Title:Journal of Natural History
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