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Quelques notes sur les Agelenidae, Hahniidae, Oxyopidae et Pisauridae de France et d'Espagne (Araneae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1978
Authors:P. M. Brignoli
Journal:Revue Suisse de Zoologie
Date Published:1978
ISBN Number:0035-418X
Keywords:1957, p. 274]., Araneae (Arachnida)., Araneae [France / / Systematic account] [Spain / / New species &, Eurasia, Europe, Hahnia hauseri (Araneae): [Sp nov, Spain, P. 288, fig'd]., Land zones, Malthonica balearica (Araneae): [Sp nov, Spain, P. 278, fig'd]., New taxa, Nomenclature, Palaearctic, region, Synonymy, Systematic account]., Systematics, Tegenaria carpetana (Araneae): [Sp nov, Spain, P. 276, fig'd]., Tegenaria duellica - Simon 1875 (Araneae): [Synonymy, P. 271]., Tegenaria nervosa - Simon 1870 (Araneae): [Syn nov, T. derouetae Dresco

This paper is a review of all Agelenidae, Hahniidae, Oxyopidae and Pisauridae known from France and Spain; some records from Switzerland are also listed. Species (24) are recorded and 3 new ones described: Tegenaria carpetana, Malthonica balearica and Hahnia hauseri (all from Spain).

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR11500019195
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