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Notes on the Myops group of Histopona Thorell, 1869, from Greece, with description of a new cave-dwelling species (Araneae, Agelenidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:F. Gasparo
Journal:Atti e Memorie della Commissione Grotte "Eugenio Boegan"
Date Published:2005
ISBN Number:0391-1764
Keywords:Description, Ecology, Eurasia, Europe, Histopona hauseri, Histopona myops, Histopona thaleri, Land zones, New taxa, Nomenclature, Palaearctic region, Systematics

<p>Histopona thaleri n. sp. is described on both sexes from the cave Megalo Spilio on Mount Serekas, above the village Monastiraki (Aitolo-Akarnania, Western Greece) and the related species H. hauseri (Brignoli, 1972) from Corfu (Ionian Islands) and H. myops (Simon, 1885) from Mt Ossa massif (Thessaly) are redescribed and figured. The new species is distinguished from the other species belonging to the myops group by the shape of male and female genitalia. A table to the identification of the Greek representatives of the group is given and notes on taxonomy, ecology and geographical distribution of the treated species are added.</p>

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