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A new spider of the genus Coelotes (Araneae, Agelenidae) from Gifu Prefecture, central Japan

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:Y. Nishikawa
Journal:Special Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Coleopterology
Date Published:2003
ISBN Number:1341-1128
Keywords:Asia, Coelotes satoi (Araneae): [Sp nov, Japan, P. 37]., Coelotes satoi [Japan / / New species]., Eurasia, Land zones, New taxa, Nomenclature, Palaearctic region, Systematics

A new spider of the genus Coelotes is described from Central Japan, and dedicated to Dr. Masataka Sato under the name Coelotes satoi. Its affinity is not certain, though it is isolated by the absence of the paired projections on the epigynum.

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR13900058091
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