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Neue Spinnen aus Amerika

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1880
Authors:E. G. V. Keyserling
Journal:Verhandlungen der Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien
Pagination:pp. 293-349
Date Published:1880
Keywords:111, 121, 130, Brazil, [Sp nov]]., 140, 326, 72, and, Acanthonotus peruvianus, sp. n., p. 134, fig. 73, Peru]., Acanthonotus guianensis - Tacz. (Opiliones): [Systematics, p. 132, fig., Acanthonotus peruvianus (Opiliones): [Sp nov]., Act. Soc. L. Bord., Agelenidae) Colombia]., Agroeca aureo-plumata (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 321, (in Fam., and, and Peru, Anyphaena, Anyphaena furcata, Anyphaena furcata (Araneae)., Anyphaena mandibularis, Anyphaena mandibularis (Araneae)., Anyphaena mollicoma (Araneae)., Anyphaena mollicoma [Zoology / / p. 323, Anyphaena pilosa, Anyphaena pilosa (Araneae)., Baltimore, Baltimore]., baltimoriensis, Biology, Boston, Boston and, Brazil, Brazil and Colombia, spp. nn.]., Brazil, Selenops mexicanus, p. 228, fig. 125, and, Selenops, California, Caloctenus major (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 337, Peru]., Castianeira (Araneae): [Gen nov, g. n., for, Castianeira rubicunda, sp., Castianeira rubicunda (Araneae): [Sp nov]., Cayenne, Cayenne]., Chili, Chili]., Chiracanthium, Chiracanthium granadense, Chiracanthium granadense (Araneae)., Chiracanthium molle (Araneae)., Chiracanthium molle [Zoology / / p. 330, Chiracanthium paucalense, Chiracanthium paucalense (Araneae)., Colombia, Colombia]., coloradensis, Colorado, Cruz, Brazil, and Guiana, Diaea damnosa, p. 114, fig. 63, Mexico, Diaea, Cyboeus varius (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 319, Peru]., Cyclosa punctata (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 312, New Friburg]., Cyrtarachne - Thor. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Cyrtarachne cornigera - Hentz (Araneae): [Systematics, described, from, described and figured, Diaea, Diaea damnosa, Diaea damnosa (Araneae)., Diaea guianensis - Tacz. (Araneae): [Systematics, p. 112, fig. 62, Sta, Diaea pallida (Araneae)., Diaea spinosa, Diaea spinosa (Araneae)., Dinopis granadentsis (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 343, Colombia]., duodecim-guttata, E. Simon, Epeira, Epeira alticeps, Epeira alticeps (Araneae)., Epeira baltimoriensis, Epeira baltimoriensis (Araneae)., Epeira maculata - Keys. (Araneae): [Systematics, described, p. 304]., Epeira punctillata (Araneae)., Epeira punctillata [Zoology / / p. 304, Epeira unanima, Epeira unanima (Araneae)., Epeira uniformis, Epeira uniformis (Araneae)., Epeira veles, Epeira veles (Araneae)., Epeira venustula, Epeira venustula (Araneae)., Eurysoma scutatum (Arachnida)., Eurysoma scutatum [Zoology / / Perty, expositus, family, Sicarioidae, p. 268]., fig., fig. 10, fig. 109, fig. 11, fig. 110, fig. 112, fig. 113, fig. 114, fig. 116, fig. 117, fig. 118, fig. 12, fig. 120, fig. 122, fig. 123, fig. 13, fig. 148, fig. 149, fig. 150, fig. 16, fig. 17, fig. 21, fig. 22, fig. 23, fig. 24, fig. 25, fig. 26, fig. 27, fig. 5, fig. 6, fig. 7, fig. 74, fig. 75, fig. 76, fig. 78, fig. 8, fig. 80, fig. 81, fig. 82, fig. 83, fig. 84, fig. 85, fig. 86, fig. 87, fig. 88, fig. 89, Filistata capitate - Hentz (Araneae): [Systematics, Mississippi]., for, S., from, Georgia, georgiana, gracilis, sp. n., p. 341, Peru, [Sp nov]]., granadense, Hentz, Heteropoda pumila (Araneae): [Sp nov]., Heteropoda pumila, sp. n., p. 237, pl. vi. fig. 129, Sta Fe de Bogota]., Heteropoda venatoria - Linn. (Araneae): [Systematics, Brazil, &c., and,, Holconia - Thor. (Araneae): [Systematics]., identical with, Labdacus, Cambr.], p. 338]., Illinois, in the narrower form and in armature of the anterior legs, L. Koch, Larinia rubro-guttata (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 314, Peru]., laticeps, M. intetritus, maculatus, maculosus, mandibularis, Manitou, Meta, Meta nigriventris (Araneae)., Meta triangularis (Araneae)., Meta triangularis [Zoology / / p. 315, mexicanus, Monterico, Mount Washington, N. America, n., p. 335, Colombia, [Sp nov]]., Nevada, New Friburg, New Orleans, p. 300]., New taxa, Nic, nigriventris, nigro-maculatus, p. 230, fig. 126, Mexico, spp. nn.]., Nomenclature, not 6 only, as stated in the original description [it appears to be, Oxyptila, Oxyptila georgiana, Oxyptila georgiana (Araneae)., Oxyptila nevadensis (Araneae)., Oxyptila nevadensis [Zoology / / p. 50, p. 141, p. 143, p. 144, P. 147, p. 148, p. 150, p. 151, p. 153, p. 154, p. 156, p. 158, p. 159, p. 161, p. 163, p. 201, p. 202, p. 204, p. 206, p. 210. fig. 115, p. 211, p. 214, p. 215, p. 217, p. 218, p. 220, p. 222, p. 224, p. 232, p. 268, p. 272, p. 275, p. 293]., p. 297. For, Taczanowskia striata, p. 298, sp. n., Peru, [Sp nov]]., p. 302, p. 305, p. 306, p. 307, p. 308, p. 310, p. 311, p. 316, p. 324, p. 327, p. 331, p. 332, p. 52, pallida, Para, Paraplectana peruana (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 296, Peru]., Paucal, Peoria, Peru, peruensis, Philodromus, Philodromus aureolus, Philodromus aureolus - Walck. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Philodromus clarus, Philodromus clarus (Araneae)., Philodromus expositus, Philodromus expositus (Araneae)., Philodromus imbecillus, Philodromus imbecillus (Araneae)., Philodromus infuscatus, Philodromus infuscatus (Araneae)., Philodromus laticeps (Araneae)., Philodromus prolustris (Araneae)., Philodromus prolustris [Zoology / / p. 209, Philodromus rufus, Philodromus rufus - Walck. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Philodromus satullus, Philodromus satullus (Araneae)., Philodromus spectabilis, Philodromus spectabilis (Araneae)., Philodromus vulgaris, Philodromus vulgaris - Hentz (Araneae): [Systematics]., renamed, Platyctenus, it is placed in the, Ctenoidae, and has 8 eyes,, rubro-maculatus, S. gracilis (Araneae): [Sp nov]., Selenops, Selenops mexicanus (Araneae)., Selenops nigromaculatus, Selenops nigromaculatus (Araneae)., Selenops spixi - Perty (Araneae): [Systematics, p. 226, fig. 124,, Senoculus - Tacz. (Araneae): [Systematics, Senoculus rubro-maculatus (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 339, Peru]., Singa, Singa abbreviata (Araneae)., Singa abbreviata [Zoology / / p. 301, Singa duodecimguttata, Singa duodecimguttata (Araneae)., sp. n, spectabilis, spinosa, p. 116, fig. 64, Colombia, Diaea pallida, p. 117, fig. 65,, spp. nn, spp. nn]., Sta Fe de Bogota, Stenoctenus (Araneae): [Gen nov, g. n., differs from, Senoculus, Tacz.,, striata, Systematics, Systematics, provisionally, Tacz, Taczanowskia, Taczanowskia (Araneae): [Gen nov, g. n., Allied to, Cyrtarachne, Thor.,, Taczanowskia striata (Araneae)., Tetragnatha illinoiensis (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 318, Illinois]., Thanatus, Thanatus chorillensis, Thanatus chorillensis (Araneae)., Thanatus coloradensis, Thanatus coloradensis (Araneae)., Thanatus granadensis (Araneae)., Thanatus granadensis [Zoology / / p. 199, Thanatus maculatus (Araneae)., Thanatus rubicundus, Thanatus rubicundus (Araneae)., Themeropis granadensis (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., p. 235, Colombia]., Thomisoides, Thomisoides - Nic. (Araneae): [Systematics, included in a separate, Thomisoides gracilis, Thomisoides gracilis (Araneae)., Thomisoides nicoleti (Araneae)., Thomisoides nicoleti [Zoology / / p. 271, Thomisoides peruensis (Araneae)., Thomisoides terrosa, Thomisoides terrosa - Nic (Araneae): [Systematics]., Thor), Tibellus duttoni - Hentz (Araneae): [Systematics, p. 195, Georgia,, Tibellus oblongus - Walck. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Tibellus oblongus, Walck., p. 196, Mt. Washington and Colorado, and,, Tibellus punctulatus - Tacz. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Tibellus punctulatus, Tacz., p. 197, pl. v. fig. 108, Guiana]., Tmarus, Tmarus albo-lineatus, Tmarus albolineatus, Tmarus albolineatus (Araneae)., Tmarus caudatus, Tmarus caudatus - Hentz (Araneae): [Systematics]., Tmarus coeruleus, Tmarus coeruleus (Araneae)., Tmarus galbanatus, Tmarus galbanatus (Araneae)., Tmarus incertus, Tmarus incertus (Araneae)., Tmarus jelskii, Tmarus jelskii - Tacz. (Araneae): [Systematics]., Tmarus litoralis, Tmarus litoralis (Araneae)., Tmarus maculosus, Tmarus maculosus (Araneae)., Tmarus magniceps, Tmarus magniceps (Araneae)., Tmarus montericensis, Tmarus montericensis (Araneae)., Tmarus rubromaculatus, Tmarus rubromaculatus (Araneae)., Tmarus rubrosignatus, Tmarus rubrosignatus (Araneae)., Tmarus stolzmanni (Araneae)., Tmarus stolzmanni [Zoology / / p. 138, Tmarus tinctus, Tmarus tinctus (Araneae)., Tmarus viridis, Tmarus viridis (Araneae)., Tmarus viridis [Zoology / / ]., unanima, Uraarachne (Araneae): [Gen nov, g. n., for, Uraarachne longa, sp. n., p., Uraarachne longa (Araneae): [Sp nov]., Uruguay (included under Isopoda, Utah, Voconia (Araneae)., Voconia [Zoology / / (Holconia, Voconia maculata, Voconia maculata (Araneae): [Sp nov]., Walck, with, xxxiv. p. 250)].

36 species of various families and genera are described (3 genera and 30 spp. new).

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