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Natural enemy on the black pine bast scale (Matsucoccus thunbergiane) Homoptera; Coccoidea in southwest coastal region, Korea

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1993
Authors:K. C. Kim
Journal:Korean Arachnology
Date Published:1993
ISBN Number:1011-2014
Keywords:/ South west coastal region, Arachnid & insect natural enemy records &, Araneae, Araneae (Arachnida): [Predator]., Asia, community structure]., Diet, Ecology, Eurasia, Insecta (Arthropoda): [Predator]., Insecta [Insect prey / / Matsucoccus thunbergiane (Hemiptera), Land zones, Matsucoccus thunbergiane (Coccoidea): [Prey]., Matsucoccus thunbergiane [Arachnid predators / / Araneae, Natural enemies of Matsucoccus thunbergiane (Hemiptera)] [South Korea /, Natural enemy, Natural enemy records & community structure] [Community structure / /, Nutrition, Palaearctic, Predators, Prey, records & community structure] [Insect predators / / ] [South Korea /, records]., region

This study was carried out to investigate the natural enemy on the Black Pine Bast Scale (Matsucoccus thunbergiane) in the invertebrate animals. The results were summarize as follows. 1. The natural enemies of Black Pine Bast Scale (Matsucoccus thunbergiane) were surveyed total 24 species 7 family 5 order in a predatory insects, and 13 species 2 family in a predatory spiders. 2. In insects, Coleoptera 6 species, Dermaptera 1 species, Hemiptera 7 species, Neuroptera 1 species, Hymenoptera 9 species were investigated. Among them high frequency and population density were Coccinella septempuntata, Chilocorus rubidus of Coleoptera, Velinus nodipes, Sphedanolestes impressicollis of Hemiptera, Camponotus obscuripes, Formica fusca japonica, Brachyponera chinensis of Hymenoptera. 3. In spiders, Aranelidae 7 species, Lycosidae 6 species Salticidae 1 species, Agelenidae 1 species, Tetragnathidae 1 species, Philodromidae 1 species, Theridiidae 1 species and Pisauridae 1 species were investigated, which high frequency and population density were Argiope amoena, Araneus ventricosus, Pisnura lama, Neoscona fuscocolorata of Araneidae, Lycosa suzurii, Pardosa astrigera, Pirata sp., Pardosa sp. of Lycosidae, Evarcha albaria of Salticidae, Agelena limbata of Agelenidae Pachygnatha clercki of Tetragnathidae, Achaearanea tepidariorum of Theridiidae and Dolomedes sulfureus of Pisauridae.

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR13100035081
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