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Systematics and Taxonomy of Agelenidae, a Worldwide distributed Spider Family

Mitteleuropaische Spinnen (Araneae) der Baumrinde

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1982
Authors:J. Wunderlich
Journal:Zeitschrift Fuer Angewandte Entomologie
Date Published:1982
Keywords:annotated species, Araneae (Arachnida)., Araneae [Plant and vegetation habitats / / Tree bark, Eurasia, Habitat, Land zones, list] [Europe / / Central, Palaearctic region, Terrestrial habitat, Tree bark habitat].

The species of spiders living exclusively or facultatively on or under barks of living trees in Central Europe are listed and described, some ecological and ethological facts are given, and the most frequent species are pictured. In Central Europe there exist .apprx. 15 spp. of spiders living exclusively on or under barks: Linyphiidae.sbd.Agyneta innotabilis (Pickard-Cambridge, 1863) (= Syedra), Drapetisca socialis (Sundevall, 1832), Entelecara berolinensis (Wunderlich, 1969 (= Araeoncoides), E. penicillata (Westring, 1851) (= Moebelia) and perhaps Pelecopsis bicapitata (Miller, 1939) (= Kratochviliella); Theridiidae.sbd.Theridion mystaceum L. Koch, 1870; Agelenidae s.l..sbd.Hahnia picta Kulczynski, 1897 and perhaps Tuberta maerens (Pickard-Cambridge, 1863); Corinnidae.sbd.Ceto laticeps (Canestrini, 1868); Gnaphosidae.sbd.Micaria subopaca Westring, 1861, Scotophaeus blackwalli (Thorell, 1873); Thomisidae.sbd.Coriarachne depressa (C. L. Koch, 1837), Xysticus albomaculatus Kulczynski, 1891; Philodromidae.sbd.Philodromus fuscomarginatus (de Geer, 1778), P. margaritatus (Clerck, 1757); Salticidae.sbd.Marpissa muscosa (Clerck, 1757). Spiders frequently but not exclusively living on barks are: Dysderidae.sbd.Harpactea hombergi (Scopoli, 1763), Segestria senoculata (Linnaeus, 1758); Linyphiidae.sbd.Lepthyphantes minutus (Blackwall, 1833); Araneidae.sbd.Nuctenea umbratica (Clerck, 1757) (= Araneus); Clubionidae.sbd.Clubiona corticalis (Walckenaer, 1802); Salticidae.sbd.Salticus scenicus (Clerck, 1757).

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