Agelenids of the World

Systematics and Taxonomy of Agelenidae, a Worldwide distributed Spider Family

Fauna and ecology of spiders (Aranei) of Badkhyz (Turkmenian SSR)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1980
Authors:V. I. Ovcharenko, Fet Y. V.
Journal:Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie
Date Published:1980
ISBN Number:0367-1445
Keywords:445]., 446]., Altella tenella - Tystshenko 1965 (Araneae): [Referred to, Momius, p., Araneae (Arachnida)., Araneae [Turkmenistan / / Badkhyz, Asia, Asiabadus asiaticus - (Charitonov 1946) (Araneae): [Comb nov,, Asiabadus, p. 446]., bucharensis Charitonov 1969, p. 446]., Coelotes charitonovi - Spassky 1939 (Araneae): [Syn nov, Agelena, Combination, Eurasia, Faunal list]., from, Altella, p. 445, from, Pterotricha, p. 446]., Kullmann & Zimmer. 1976, p. 445]., Land zones, Minosia karakumensis - (Spassky 1939) (Araneae): [Comb nov, Transferred, Minosia, p. 446]., Momius tenellus - (Tystshenko 1965) (Araneae): [Comb nov, Transferred, Nomenclature, Nomisia conigera - (Spassky 1941) (Araneae): [Comb nov, Transferred, Oecobius nadiae - (Spassky 1936) (Araneae): [Syn nov, O. afghanicus, p. 446]., Palaearctic region, position, Pterotricha conigera - Spassky 1941 (Araneae): [Referred to, Nomisia, p., Pterotricha karakumensis - Spassky 1939 (Araneae): [Referred to,, Scotophaeus asiaticus - Charitonov 1946 (Araneae): [Referred to,, Syn nov, A. hamiger Roewer 1962,, Syn nov, M. hispidus Andrejeva & Tystsh. 1969, p., Synonymy, Systematics, Taxonomic, Taxonomy, Transferred from, Scotophaeus, p. 446

Spiders (88) found in Badkhyz are listed, of which 67 were noted for the 1st time in Badkhyz. In the families Oecobiidae, Amaurobiidae, Agelenidae and Gnaphosidae, the following nomenclature changes are discussed; Oecobius nadiae (Spassky, 1936) (= o. afghanicus Kullmann et Zimmerman, 1976, syn. nov.); Momius tenellus (Tystshenko, 1965) comb. nov. (Altella tenella Tystsh.); (= M. hispidus Andrejeva et Tystshenok, 1969, syn. nov.); Coelotes charitonovi Spassky, 1939 (= agelena bucharensis Charitonov, 1969, syn. nov.); Nomisia conigera Spassky, 1941, comb. nov. (Pterotricha conigera); minosia karakumensis Spassky, 1939, comb. nov. (P. karakumensis); Asiabadus asiaticus Charitonov, 1946, comb. nov. (= Asiabadus hamiger Roewer, 1962, syn. nov.). P. strandi Spassky, 1936 remained unchanged.

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