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Distribution of the medically-implicated hobo spider (Araneae: Agelenidae) and a benign congener, Tegenaria duellica, in the United States and Canada

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:R. S. Vetter, Roe, A. H., Bennett, R. G., Baird, C. R., Royce, L. A., Lanier, W. T., Antonelli, A. L., Cushing, P. E.
Journal:Journal of Medical Entomology
Date Published:2003
ISBN Number:0022-2585
Keywords:abundance / / Non native species in sympatry] [Population size / /, abundance of non native species, Animals and man, British Columbia & USA] [Relative, Canada, Community structure, Distribution & relative abundance of non native species] [USA / North, Ecology, Land, Nearctic region, non native species] [British Columbia / /, North America, Population dynamics, Seasonal abundance, Tegenaria agrestis, Tegenaria agrestis (Araneae)., Tegenaria duellica (Araneae)., Tegenaria duellica [Synanthropy / / Distribution &, west / ]., zones

The hobo spider, Tegenaria agrestis (Walckenaer), and the related Tegenaria duellica Simon are very similar European spiders that have become well established in the northwestern United States and British Columbia. The hobo spider is considered to be medically important; T. duellica is considered harmless but is often misidentified as the hobo spider. The current distribution of the hobo spider includes southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, northern Utah, the western half of Montana, western Wyoming, and two small, isolated populations in Colorado. T. duellica is found mostly west of the Cascade and Coastal mountain ranges from southern British Columbia to central Oregon. In large human population centers where both species are sympatric, T. duellica is usually more common than the hobo spider. Data from a total of 1,232 hobo spiders and 395 T. duellica are included in this study.

URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR13900033455
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