Agelenids of the World

Systematics and Taxonomy of Agelenidae, a Worldwide distributed Spider Family

The Araneida of Washington : Agelenidae and Hahniidae

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1938
Authors:H. Exline
Journal:University of Washington Publications in Biology
Pagination:pp. 1-35
Date Published:1938
Keywords:(A.) potteri, (Agelena A.) utahana, (Hololena) curta, [Zoology / / ]., Agelena, Agelena (A.), Agelena (A.) arctuosa, Agelena (A.) arctuosa (Araneae)., Agelena (A.) oregonensis, Agelena (A.) oregonensis (Araneae)., Agelena (A.) pennsylvanica, Agelena (A.) pennsylvanica (Araneae)., Agelena (A.) potteri, Agelena (A.) potteri (Araneae)., Agelena (Araneae)., Agelena (H.) iniermedia, Agelena (H.) iniermedia (Araneae)., Agelena (Hololena) curta, Agelena (Hololena) curta (Araneae)., Agelena [Zoology / / key to spp. p. 26, Agelenidae (Araneae)., Agelenidae [Zoology / / Monograph with keys to genera and spp]., Aran]., Arthropoda (Animalia)., Arthropoda [Nearctic region / / United States, Biology, Blabomma grandis (Araneae)., Blabomma grandis [Zoology / / p. 19 figs]., bulbosus, Calymmaria, Calymmaria (Araneae)., Calymmaria [Zoology / / key to spp, Calymmaria emertoni, Calymmaria emertoni (Araneae)., Calymmaria nana, Calymmaria nana (Araneae)., Calymmaria quadrata, Calymmaria quadrata (Araneae)., Cicurina (Araneae)., Cicurina [Zoology / / key to spp, Cicurina idahoana, Cicurina idahoana (Araneae)., Cicurina intermedia, Cicurina intermedia (Araneae)., Cicurina pusilla, Cicurina pusilla (Araneae)., Cicurina simplex, Cicurina simplex (Araneae)., Cicurina tersa, Cicurina tersa (Araneae)., Cryphoeca peckhami (Araneae)., Cryphoeca peckhami [Zoology / / p. 18 figs]., Cybaeina minuta (Araneae)., Cybaeina minuta [Zoology / / p. 8]., Cybaeus, Cybaeus (Araneae)., Cybaeus [Zoology / / key to spp. p. 9, Cybaeus bulbosus, Cybaeus bulbosus (Araneae)., Cybaeus chaudius, Cybaeus chaudius (Araneae)., Cybaeus eutypus, Cybaeus eutypus (Araneae)., Cybaeus hatchi, Cybaeus hatchi (Araneae)., Cybaeus morosua, Cybaeus morosua (Araneae)., Cybaeus olympiae, Cybaeus olympiae (Araneae)., Cybaeus perditus, Cybaeus perditus (Araneae)., Cybaeus reliculatus, Cybaeus reliculatus (Araneae)., Cybaeus signifer, Cybaeus signifer (Araneae)., fig, fig]., figs, figs.]., Hahnia sanjuanensis (Araneae): [Sp nov, sp. n., U.S.A. p. 32 fig.]., Land zones, magnacava, Tegenaria derhami, p. 24 figs., Tegenaria gigantea, p. 25, Neoantistea, Neoantistea gosiuta (Araneae)., Neoantistea gosiuta [Zoology / / p. 33, Neoantistea riparia, Neoantistea riparia (Araneae)., New taxa, Nomenclature, p. 10, p. 11, p. 12, p. 13, p. 14]., p. 15, p. 16 figs, p. 17, p. 18]., p. 21, p. 22 figs, p. 23 fig]., p. 27, p. 28, p. 30 figs, p. 31 figs]., p. 34, p.. 29, pennsylvanica, quadrata, riparia, signifer, Systematics, Tegenaria derhami, Tegenaria derhami (Araneae)., Tegenaria gigantea, Tegenaria gigantea (Araneae)., Tegenaria lusitanica (Araneae): [Sp nov, T. key to spp. p. 23, Tegenaria, Tegenaria magnacava, Tegenaria magnacava (Araneae).
URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR07600000642
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