Agelenids of the World

Systematics and Taxonomy of Agelenidae, a Worldwide distributed Spider Family

American Agelenidae and some misidentified spiders (Clubionidae, Oonopidae and Sparassidae) of E. Simon in the Museum national d'Histoir sic naturelle

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1988
Authors:V. D. Roth
Journal:Bulletin du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle Section A Zoologie Biologie et Ecologie Animales
Date Published:1988
ISBN Number:0181-0626
Keywords:29]., Agelenidae (Araneae)., Agelenidae [North America / / Systematic revision]., Cicurina brevis (Araneae): [New record]., Cicurina brevis [Georgia-USA / / First record]., Cicurina peckhami - (Simon 1898) (Araneae): [Comb nov, Transferred from,, Cicurina robusta - Simon 1886 (Araneae): [Lectotype designated, P. 30]., Cicurina simplex - Simon 1886 (Araneae): [Lectotype designated, P. 30]., Cicurina tersa - Simon 1886 (Araneae): [Lectotype designated, P. 31]., Combination, Cryphoeca exlineae (Araneae): [Sp nov, Washington, P. 31, fig'd]., Cryphoeca exlineae [Washington / / Cedar Lake, Cryphoeca peckhami - Simon 1898 (Araneae): [Referred to, Cicurina, p., Cryphoeca, p. 29]., Cybaeus accentuatus - Simon (Araneae): [Nomen nudum, P. 33]., Cybaeus pusillus - Simon 1886 (Araneae): [Lectotype designated, P. 30]., Cybaeus signifer - Simon 1886 (Araneae): [Lectotype designated, P. 33]., Description, Hicanodon - Tullgren 1901 (Araneae): [Removal from synonymy, With, Land zones, Leadpoint, Micariinae, p. 35]., Nearctic region, New species]., New taxa, Nomenclature, North America, Olbus - Simon 1880 (Araneae): [Referred to, Clubionidae from, Olios fasciculatus - Simon 1880 (Araneae): [Redescription, P. 36]., Pescennineae - Simon 1903 (Araneae): [Referred to, Oonopidae from, Rubrius - Simon 1887 (Araneae): [Removal from synonymy, Hicanodon, Rubrius Simon 1887, p. 33]., Sparassidae, p. 33]., Synonymy, Systematics, Taxonomic position, Taxonomy, Tullgren 1901, p. 33]., Type material, Unavailable name, USA
URL:<Go to ISI>://ZOOREC:ZOOR12500028001
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