Agelenids of the World

Systematics and Taxonomy of Agelenidae, a Worldwide distributed Spider Family

Acutipetala gen. nov., a new genus of funnel-web spiders from northern Thailand (Araneae, Agelenidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:P. Dankittipakul, Zhang Z. - S.
Journal:Zoological Science (Tokyo)
Date Published:2008
ISBN Number:0289-0003
Keywords:evergreen tropical forests, new species, Southeast Asia, Taxonomy, Zoogeography

<p>A new funnel-web spider genus, Acutipetala gen. nov., is erected to accommodate two new agelenid species known to occur in evergreen forests of northern Thailand: Acutipetala octoginta sp. nov. (type species, [male] [female]) and A. donglini sp. nov. ([male]). The genus is established on the basis of the distinctive appearance of the genital structures, in which the median apophysis of the male palp is petal-shaped, sharply pointed, and strongly sclerotized, and the truncate embolus is short, originates subapically, and is provided with a hook-shaped apical portion.</p>

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